That’s what the poster read on the wall of my high school classroom. Made perfect sense to me- art is long, life is short. I knew right then I could create something bigger than a brand, bigger than a picture, bigger than me. Several years of creativity and life later, the “Dean” shirt was launched, and the “wrecking crew” came together. The year was 2006, and the time is still ours to this day.

That was ten years ago now. Ten years of designs, gatherings, events, and spreading the fire. Ten years of a dream come true.

And now it’s time for a new chapter. A time to evolve, grow, and change. The last of the inventory just left, with the exception of my personal archive. The brand will fade, leaving in its wake so many great memories and stories. The shirts will wear and eventually be worn out, but the tattoos and our history together will remain.

The saying that began it all – “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis” was here long before I came along. While I like to think my work helped spread that message, I know that its power existed way before me, and will be just as strong long after I’m gone. But I want you all to really commit it to memory. It was never about the shirts. It was about the dream, the ideas, the art. And not the art that was stitched or printed, but the art of living. Living like it’s our last day, chasing our dreams and never giving up. Focus on the message, focus on the meaning. Our life is short, but our art is long.

Live well, be well, and thank you for 10 amazing years.

Vita Brevis

-Jeremiah “Scratch” Stone